Being born in Azmarath in a small hut in the woods, born a dwarf, Nikilios wasn't set to get him where he is today. His life

is fairly uneventful until he turned 10, when his parents disappeared one day, after waiting 2 weeks, they never returned.  From this day, he ran all the way to the Azmarathian capital, nearly dead of starvation as he arrived, he joined the military that same day. He attended many battles under Azmarath's banner and quickly risen in skill, rank, and reputation.  He was present for the John Rebellion which failed because of Aerithorne's return, only for him to leave again soon after. After some wait, Nikilios was now 18, and of age to be knighted, which on Aerithorne's second return, he was knighted. Nikilios was the last man to be knighted by Aerithorne before he left for other things. Upon this, Nikilios left for Wyngeria and quickly risen to his current position due to his friendship he developed with Plythus from his time in Azmarath, and need of HRs who were active. Due to having no parents, Nikilios was soon adopted by Favian Northic and together they formed the tribe, Wyndra of Zerkest.

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