Name---------English equvilant------------------------------------------------Number-Type

Vret         Civilian                                                                 1      LR

Kalis        Prisoner                                                              2      LR

Kend         First military rank, no experience                          3      LR

Deni         Second military rank, little experience                    4      LR

Sernis       Third military rank, noticeable experience                  5      LR

Cenad         Fourth military rank, experienced fighter                    6      LR

Avantis      Fifth military rank, skilled and experienced fighter        7      MR

Recor        Sixth military rank, very skilled and experienced fighter   8      MR

Colasus      Seventh military rank                                                 9      MR

Frei         Eighth  military rank                                                      10     MR

Korps         Royal Guard                                                             11     MR

Diplo        Diplomat                                                                    12     MR

Vetarys      Veteran (Past members)                                            13     MR

Honoras      Honorary (Past HRs or Leaders)                                14     MR

Volices      First high rank, Advisors                                             15     HR

Gra          Second high rank, Military general                                16     HR

Grenal       Land owning noble                                                     17     HR

Prenlayis Nikilios Snow                                                               18     HC

Yerukor Favian Northic                                                                19     HC

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